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Frequently Asked Questions

How much are credits worth?

Credits have no real-life value. You can get the credits by upgrading skins and inviting new players to join our website. Every 1000 credits will buy you roughly $1 worth of items.

How do I get credits?

Credits are the virtual currency of the site. You can obtain them in multiple of ways:
- Upgrading skins:

  • Successful upgrade is 2% of value of the skin
  • Failure to upgrade is 1% of value of the skin
- Complete tasks from the challenges section and earn up to 11000 credits($11)!
- Invite your friends and people to the site. Every person, who enters the site from your link will receive 100 credits (only after their first upgrade!)
- You receive 2% of the value of EVERY SINGLE upgraded skin, no matter whether the upgrade was successful or not.

How can I deposit my CS:GO skins using the OPSkins Instant Trade Feature?

With the recent introduction of OPSkins Instant Trading Feature, you can now upgrade your CS:GO skins instantly in just a few skins using your OPSkins Trade Inventory.
Simply enable your 2FA Authenticator, purchase skins on the OPSkins marketplace and head over to your deposit page where you can select all skins from OPSkins.
Afterwards, simply enter your 2FA code from your Google Authenticator application and within seconds, your skins will appear in your inventory, all ready to upgrade.
Best of luck!

Is the new OPSkins Trade Feature safe to use?

Absolutely - the developers at OPSkins have fully ensured the community that this feature is safe to use.
Not only the 2FA Authentication between accepting & sending trades is in use, the feature is very fast and allows instant trading to be completed.

Can I withdraw my upgraded skins straight into my Steam inventory?

Once you have finished upgrading your CS:GO skins, you will need to withdraw them once again into your OPSkins Trading Inventory.
From there, you will be able to either sell the skin on the OPSkins marketplace or withdraw the skin to your Steam inventory once the tradehold of the item has passed.
Please note - you CAN play with skins that have a trade hold on them!

I've deposited but haven't received my skin

Make sure the offer has been successfully accepted - please also check the status of the offer at
If the trade was successfully accepted, please force refresh page or try to login again.

Do you guys refund? never does refunds. Exceptions are made if we didn't complete our services or there was a technical issue. In order to get a refund, you should contact support within 24 hours after the problem appears.

How does the affiliate system work?

The affiliate system lets you earn credits by referring new users to the site. You can generate your own and unique referral code, head over to the Affiliate dashboard. Share with friends, in forum signatures, or on social media.
When new players enter using your referral code they'll earn 100 FREE credits(after upgrading one skin). And you'll earn credits every time your referrals upgrade skin – 2% of the skin value.

How long does it take to receive a trade offer?

Assuming that the trade bot is not busy, it should be instant. Approximate waiting time: up to an hour.

Do we sponsor streamers/youtubers?

For questions about sponsorship, please contact our support. We're hiring youtubers/streamers only, who channel has at least 5000 subscribers.

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